Sunday, August 9, 2009

The End of Summer Break

... well, at least it is for the Thoma family. Yes, tomorrow we will be taking a dive back into school lessons. I am really looking forward to it actually, and the kids seem like they are as well.

My husband and I wanted the kids to really enjoy their last weekend of their break, so Friday after Chris (that would be my husband) got in from work, we took the kids to Enchanted Island Amusement Park. We always have a great time whenever we go there, plus during the summer, it's only $5 a person for everyone to get in, and you can't beat that! The kids rode themselves silly! They made daddy ride too of course. I did get to ride on the train with the kids, but lets face it ... there isn't much for pregnant mothers to do at an amusement park! After the kids had been on a few rides, we then took a break at Splash Zone, the little "water park" area of Enchanted Island. The little ones had a ball playing in the water and running through it as it shot out of the tiny holes in the ground. At the end of the day, they had worn themselves (and daddy) out.

Yesterday, they did their usual Saturday activities; climbing trees, building forts outside, playing in the sand box and on the swings, etc. Well the kids have been asking us and asking us for weeks now when a particular movie called "Shorts" was going to start playing. They saw the trailer for the movie one day during their TV time, and they have been anxious to see it ever since. Well, the movie was to start playing Friday, or so I thought. It seems that the release date for the movie was changed from August 7th to August 21st, so the kids will have to wait a little longer to see that particular film. So, I gathered them all together yesterday and told them that they had a bit longer to wait for the movie "Shorts", and I asked them if they were interested in seeing anything else. I knew what they were going to say before I even asked, "G-Force." I had seen previews for the movie and though I thought it was cute in premise, but it didn't really strike me as something that I would want to sit through, but, for my kids I will do anything. My husband and I rounded the gang up and took them to see it and to be honest, the movie wasn't quite so bad. The kids actually really enjoyed the film, especially with it being in 3-D. Lilian, our 1 year old, isn't very fond of being in a dark theater full of people yet, so she stayed with my parents.

Today was just another typical Sunday. Everyone got up, ate breakfast, got ready for church, went to Sunday school, regular service, and here we are. We are about to sit down and have dinner, and then everyone will commence on getting their baths, a story, and then off to dreamland they will go. All and all I believe that we had a really wonderful summer, and a great last weekend of summer break. Now, it's time for us to jump back into the realm of education, the greatest adventure of all!

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