Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rear No More

Today, I realized that I haven't checked the kids' heights and weights in a while for my own personal documentation, so I got them altogether in front of our family growth chart to see where they all stand. Upon weighing the twins, Seth and Serah, I realized that they were both very close to reaching the maximum rear facing height and weight for their carseats. You will learn throughout my blog that I'm an advocate for many different things, and extended rear facing in carseats, and extended harnessing, are two of those things. I am a firm believer in the two ideals.

Anyway, I talked to the twins about it and I told them that they're close enough in size now to turn forward, and that I would be turning their carseats around. For some reason I was expecting them to say "YAY!" or to be excited about the situation, but then Seth goes "Nooooo! I like being backwards in the car!" then Serah goes "Me too! Everybody in every car looks to the front. I like to be backwards!" It took me a few minutes, but I explained to them that it's just another part of growing up and that eventually every child who is in a car seat is going to have to turn forward facing. After a while they finally conceded and accepted the fact that they were going to be turned around. When Chris got home today, we all went outside and he had the twins help him turn their seats forward. They sat in the seats to make sure they were secure and not wobbly, and then we all hopped in and took a ride to the park. I think after our ride the twins got excited about the idea of being forward facing.

It's funny what little things can make you emotional. When I first turned Micah around, I definitely had some sad feelings, and I felt the same way today with the twins. I guess it's like I explained to them, they're growing up, and watching your babies grow up can sometimes be a hard thing to do. But, as I tell them now, no matter how old they are, they will always be my babies.

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