Sunday, August 2, 2009

About Me, Us, and Our Home

Hello world. My name is Gillian and I am a Stay-at-Home mother who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. I married the love of my life, and my best friend, Chris, in April of 2001. We have been blessed with 5 beautiful children: Micah who is 6, our twins Seth and Serah who are 4, Hannah who is 3, and our now youngest, Lilian (Lily) who is 14 months old. Our family will be growing by 2 in October, as we are expecting our second set of twins! We have not and will not find out their gender until the day they arrive.

A little more about me, as I said I'm a SAHM, and I am also a homeschooling mother. Now this wasn't ever my intention. Before I had children, I went to college and received my MBA. Upon having our first child, I was working, and when it came time for us to find a daycare for him, I became like a lot of mothers and I just couldn't bring myself to send him to one. Nothing against daycare centers, as I know for a fact that there are some great ones out there, but motherhood had just set in for me. So I sat down with Chris and we discussed the idea of me being a SAHM. His concern was that I had gone through all of this schooling to get my degree and wasn't going to be putting it to use. I told him that I felt raising our child was more important. Of course back then, we were both just starting out and we feared that income might become a problem, but my husband supported me and I became a SAHM. Then of course, the twins came along and soon after it came time for us to look into schools. My first thought was Montessori. I had heard and read nothing but great things about these schools and I love the basis of the methodology. Upon joining a local group of SAHMs, I found that many of them homeschooled. Upon talking with them, I learned that it really isn't as hard as mainstream has led people to believe, and that it is actually very beneficial. My husband had his doubts, but once again he supported me, and here we are with 5 homeschooled kids who are at the top of their game education wise.

So that's a little bit about us and me. This is my first blog but I do hope to meet other bloggers out there. I love to write and find it to be a great outlet. Until next time, God bless!

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  1. Found you through MBC. You are such an inspiring mom! I also struggled with many of the same questions after having my daughter. I chose being a mom as top priority and don't regret it!